We Learn:

Engagement | Insight | Analysis

Partnering with your subject matter experts, our consultants gather information and insight to align your team with the vision of your company and goals for your team. We provide customized  assessments, discovery sessions, data analysis, and Organizational SWOT analysis to pinpoint areas of development.


We Upgrade:

Technology | Change Management | Strategy

BLU Alteractive is dedicated to leveraging the most advanced Virtual Business and Enterprise application technology to expand the effectiveness and versatility of your organization. By creating development strategy and  learning paths we help leverage new tools and technology to help your business run more effectively and efficiently.


We Create:

Learning Design | Training | Materials Development

We specialize in the design of a variety of training materials and resources such as learning modules, infographics, training collateral, digital presentations, virtual ILT, workshop development, and in-class training.


We Build:

Innovation | Resource Creation

Sometimes existing tools are not enough. BLU Alteractive is dedicated to analysing business needs and developing new processes, methods, resources and tools to enhance your team’s performance. We specialize in the agile method project management for application development. By aligning your Business goals and technology we create a custom solution to strengthen your business and streamline your processes.


We Brand:

Product Design | Market Strategy

We maximize your learning and development content through building your brand. Based on the needs of your organization we can transform “a bunch of information” to a branded, cohesive and professional training program. This creates structure and confidence for internal programs and creates a more marketable platform for external programs.


We Innovate:

Product Development | White Labeling |

BLU Alteractive partners with businesses  to develop programs and tools that create opportunities for future growth for your business and to give you a competitive advantage in your industry. We innovate, develop and market customized digital products, web applications, and training programs to be sold as products to your customers.